Dynamind: Schools Vs Coaching Tutorials & Integrated Coaching Classes - A Solution for schools to regain lost importance in COVID 19 times.

Dynamind’ an innovation in educational learning was developed after R&D for 15 years and Beta Testing for 5 years, real commercial operations from 2012. ‘Dynamind’ using AI from i2k Solutions e-Teacher & e-Trainer. For 100% Interactive Distance Education, with one-to-one mentoring for student-centric learning

How Dynamind is different? – “let’s see the major differentiating features of Dynamind “

  1. 1.Dynamind doesn’t replace your school teacher or syllabus, but supplements the class room teaching:
    Unlike tutorials do or online apps, they teach their own syllabus full in principle again even after the school teacher has taught. Unlike Dynamind doesn’t do so, infact the concepts taught in school can be revised selectively as required via Dynamind App which has both audio-visual content and tests at end to access the learning. Students gets scores after learning and completing tests and the weaker areas where student should focus are told to him with an e-teacher that is AI powered with more practise and content on those areas. The school teacher can as well see the scores of students and track their progress an improvements in due course. The teacher can as well adapt in class the techniques which most students have better learning by tracking Dynamind progress of their students. Hence this makes teaching of school supplemented with better learning and focused approach.

  2. 2.Parents Know their Childs Strength Not only the teachers but parents can see the students status with improvements based on scores and reports periodically via Dynamind App analysis, thus the effectiveness of school teaching supplemented by Dynamind efforts of e-teacher is clearly distinguishable and makes the child stronger on his presents status day by day with more practise on weak areas or areas that need more attention. Thus student, teacher and parents are fully aware of the child’s status and improvements with time.

  3. 3. Social Media like feel and peer to peer learning: Can the learning be like fun as social media apps as Facebook, twitter and YouTube. It is possible with such content and learning style on Dynamind where each students gets likes, rewards and online mementos for assignments done for self and within peer to peer connected. This motivates the student and he engages better with such skills. So learning becomes interesting as well as fun with enjoyment. There are groups and group leader concept in learning and progress with instant tracking and suggestions for improvement with practise modules for individual and for group. This can be really insightful for class room teacher connected via Dynamind to see how the students absorb the teaching in class and enhance further the knowledge with Dynamind content and assessment and they thus don’t feel bored and even don’t need extra time or effort for joining outside coaching tutorial.

  4. 4. Dynamic content Dynamind doesn’t feed lectures as it is built with years of machine learning empowered with AI search tools and has acquired the best content with notes, audio, video and continuously enhances content from the web with the latest in field so that students get the current knowledge. It searches and thus gives the relevant and best content with tests to undertake with instant results to check knowledge acquired after doing every assignment.

  5. 5. Affordable cost that can be inbuild in school fee The charges of Dynamind are affordable and can be a part of school fee with this platform accessed with school permission logins given by Dynamind Certified Teacher. This can enhance the schools reputation with focus on all children offline and online to ensure each child develops on his current mental ability and gives his best performance.

Presently the ‘Dynamind’ platform is being used for e-Teaching Physics, Chemistry & Mathematics, Biology for Class 9, 10, 11 & 12 students and also for IITJEE, AIEEE & CET preparation in Goa & Maharashtra and is highly successful. Seeing the product Dynamind that is patented and unique many big education giants and global; companies have wished to acquire but I2K is committed to hold the rights with improvements to serve millions and billions affordably to increase their IQ, learning experience and ensure success with making schools important and relevant than the flourishing coaching trade and save the child from social pressure of fashionable coaching association likingly or unlikingly.