About Us

Welcome to Aviyana Academy

Aviyana Academy strives to bring value added courses and certifications for school and college goers.

Besides Skill development remains to be most important focused area as today’s school and college students as passed out lacking the basic skills required for a job and thus getting a job of choice or a better package becomes a distant dream for many..

Aviyana Academy is committed to provide those skill based trainings and certifications that can make one relevant in job market and thus his dream to have a job or package of choice gets fulfilled.

Aviyana Academy wishes to spread across the length and breadth of India with its partner network and provide such value add education at a cost affordable to all sections of the society and make Indian’s a skilled workforce.


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Today educations at schools, colleges and coaching tutorials has become a business and more than students well-being business interests take precedence. Being an era of digital and technology Aviyana Academy will ensure that the quality educational tools and certifications come in reach of students that supplement their school and college education with adding value.

At the outset with my years of industry experience as I seemany CV’s with just basic qualifications and no skilled based courses that can land them a good job or they can really add value to jobs they get - makes me feel their lack of awareness or guidance.

When I see CV’s with just basic qualifications and no skilled based courses that can get them a good job feel lack of awareness or guidance.

Through Aviyana Academy my sincere wish is to arm individuals and organizations with those skill based trainings so that the dream of skill India with personal fulfillment and satisfaction at Individual and Corporate can be achieved.

With India crossing 130 Crore population and highest FDI investment there shall be many jobs that will required skilled manpower. Aviyana Academy team shall ensure industry based skilled courses that help individual find quality jobs and organisations getting skilled people with fulfilling the vision of skilled India.